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Tips for keeping your computer safe:

Keep virus protection on your computer. Most ant-software automatically updates.  However, virus programs can be generated on short notice and can be designed to do something different on each computer.  Bottom line:  Software may not catch everything.

Keep a firewall installed.  A firewall can block unwanted communications from viruses or malware.  A firewall can block unwanted communications.  However, it can be somewhat difficult for a novice to configure.

Don’t click on links in unknown e-mail and don’t send personal information unless you are sure where it is going.  Many viruses are spread by opening up e-mail and following links.  “Phishing” is where personal information is requested.  A recent test showed about 50% of Facebook users will send their personal information to a stranger.

Protect your mobile devices.  In addition to the other methods, “apps” are a common way to spread malicious software.

Beware wireless connections.   Unless your communications are encrypted (such as SSL for web sites, that is web sites that begin with https://) all your communications can be seen by the owner of the wireless network.

Do your banking on a separate computer.  If possible, do banking on a different computer than the one used for e-mail, chat, games, etc.